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7 Questions to ask when choosing an SEO company

Deciding whether to work with an SEO company can be a tough decision – search engine optimisation is an ‘invisible’ product and sometimes different companies say different things which can be confusing. So how do you choose? Here are 7 questions you can ask your SEO company before going forward and starting your campaign:

  1. ‘What’s your past experience?’
    What you are looking for: Have they helped similar businesses to yours? Do they have a good track record, with long term clients who are happy and achieving results? Can you check these results?
  2. ‘How much of the work will you do in-house?’
    What you are looking for: Many search engine marketing companies outsource some, or all of the work – the more that is outsourced the less control they have and the less accountable they can be for your results.
  3. ‘What contact will I have with my account manager?’
    What you are looking for: Regular communication is a crucial part of a successful SEO campaign – you need to know what is happening and they need to know how their changes are affecting your business so they can ensure you get the right type of enquiries.
  4. ‘What do you need from me?’
    What you are looking for: It is tempting to wash your hands of the results once you’ve employed an SEO agency but the truth is the more input you have the better the results will be, so find out up front what will be expected and how you can help.
  5. ‘What results do you expect, and in what timescales?’
    What you are looking for: No one can guarantee certain positions within certain timescales as Google can change its algorithm at any time (and does frequently). However you should agree goals and targets and make sure both you and your SEO company are focused on the same outcomes.
  6. ‘How will you choose keywords?’
    What you are looking for: It is easy to get found for very specific search phrases – you can achieve number one rankings quickly, but if no-one ever types those searches in you will never get any extra business. On the other hand, very broad keywords may not be used by people who are actually looking to buy and may be so competitive that the time and expense involved isn’t worth it. Good keyword research is very important and you want to know what your company will be targeting.
  7. ‘Do you have marketing experience beyond SEO?’
    What you are looking for: SEO does not exist in a vacuum. Getting search traffic to your website is only part of the overall marketing plan for your business, so working with a company that understands how to turn that traffic into profit and cash flow for your business makes a big difference

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