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JDR Group – Digital Marketing Agency

Since 2004, JDR have worked with over a thousand business owners to improve their marketing - both online and offline. From our beginnings as a marketing and business coaching organisation, since 2007 we have evolved to become a digital marketing agency with a team of in-house online marketing professionals.


What is ‘Digital Marketing’?

Many think of digital marketing as web design and SEO, but in today’s fast moving world, a good digital media agency needs to go far beyond that.

So apart from search engine optimisation and web design what services do JDR provide?

  • Email marketing – whether you have a service business, an E-commerce business, a wholesale or manufacturing business – you should be keeping in touch with your clients by email
  • Online advertising – PPC (including remarketing) and banner advertising
  • Social media marketing – from creating, branding and optimising your social media profiles to social media training and social media management
  • Landing Page design and optimisation – landing pages are a secret few business owners have woken up to. Talk to our team about how effective landing pages can help your business
  • Microsite design, build and optimisation
  • Mobile optimised websites
  • Video production for your website
  • Video optimisation – to get your videos to the top of Google and YouTube’s search results
  • SMS and mobile phone marketing including the development of smart phone apps
  • Marketing coaching – from helping you decide your strategy to coaching you through the actual implementation
  • Online PR/reputation management

In 2012 you no longer need a web design or SEO company – you need a digital marketing agency. Whether you are an existing client or this is the first time you have come across our site – take the opportunity to have a free consultation to review your online opportunities and discuss a digital marketing strategy for your business. This consultation can be done online via webinar or face to face – call us on 01332 343281 or email us at info@jdrwebsites.co.uk or via our contact page to book this initial meeting.

For a full Digital Marketing Audit, complete the form on this page and we will assess your website, SEO, social media and mobile marketing at no cost and give you a full report showing you your mistakes and your opportunities.

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