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Basic Information

Date signed up *
Your name *
Client name(s) *
Business name *
Postcode *
E-mail *
Telephone *
Existing website address/es (if client has one)

New Website Details

Type of website
Number of pages
Number of products (if e-commerce)
Method of payment
NOTES - if method of payment is 'Bacs/online' (Do they need accounts person or 2-3 signatures? If so, who?):
Notes for 2nd payments, standing orders:
Send invoice *
Website Hosting
Email Hosting
Type of service
Marketing packages
Domain name (if different from existing one)
Are we buying the domain *
If we're buying the domain, what e-mail addresses (up to 5) do they need
Enterprise website *
(if no, what software)
Date of content meeting (7 weeks)
When should we contact a client first?
Mobile Site Included *
Social Media Setup
Send copy questionnaire *
Additional sales opportunities/upgrades
Upload a proposal


Brief business background *
What is the primary purpose of the new website? (e.g. lead generation, online sales, just to provide a credible presence etc) *
Who is the website aimed at (who is the target market) *
What's the impression you want to give people through this website? *
List at least 3 website that they like the look of (and explain what do they like about them) *
List at least 3 website that they DON'T like the look of (and explain what do they dislike about them) *
Is there anything specific we need to avoid
Is there a definite timescale or completion deadline we need to stick to

Basic Details

What pages will the site have? (e.g. home, about us, services, contact us, etc.) *
If a Catalogue or E-commerce site what are the product categories
Preferred type of navigation (top, left, buttons)
Colour Scheme
Do they want to include java/html5 (moving graphics)? *
If yes, please specify where (on the home page, elsewhere in the website...)
Do you want to show contact details clearly in the design? If so, which ones (phone, email, etc.)
Do they have a logo and are we using it or re-creating it
Send logo questionnaire
Do they need new photography or do they have existing images we can use *
IF we are organising new images. (please specify what do they need - e.g. pictures of products, premises, staff, etc.)
Have we got all the literature available, brochures, leaflets, business cards and so on?
Any specific requirements they have for the website(e.g. images, logos or wording that they want to include on the home page...)

Copywrite & Keywords

Current SEO or PPC Client?

Do they target *
What are the keywords they want to be found by? *
Are we doing the copywriting?
If yes, can you answer the following: 1) What are their key products / services
2) What are their key selling points (why do people choose their business?)
3) How long have they been trading?
4) Any specific instructions they have for the copy?
5) Can they provide the website addresses of some businesses that provide a similar products/services we can reference when doing the copy?

Interactive Features

Please tick if they would like any of the following features to be included:

please specify here for Calculators
please specify here for Bespoke Forms

If E-commerce

Please tick if they would like any of the following features to be included: MARKETING:


What do we need from them

tick list:


Do they have defined brand guidelines?
Anything Else?
Send design to Andy/Will
Send copy to Andy/Will
Any other notes/instructions for Andy/Will?
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