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The JDR Group – A Company Profile

The JDR Group is a group of two businesses: JDR Business Coaches Ltd, which was first started in 2004 and provides coaching and mentoring to small business owners and JDR Websites, which provides a complete range of internet marketing solutions. The directors of The JDR Group are: David Roberts, Will Williamson and Leanne Mordue.

The company started by working with small business owners to teach them how to grow their businesses effectively. Many small business owners work long hours without really earning the money their efforts deserve. There are lots of reasons for this but often it’s because the owners of small business owners, while excellent carpenters/builders/accountants/salespeople/architects etc, have little understanding of sales and marketing. As part of the ActionCoach international network of business coaches, JDR have now coached over 200 small businesses to show them how to turn their ineffective marketing into fantastic cashflow generators.

Within the network JDR became Europes leading coaching business, winning several awards including UK Coaching Business of the Year, European Coaching Business of the year and were nominated as one of the top 10 businesses of 2007 by the BFA .

Why Internet Marketing?

Having worked with over 200 businesses It became clear that internet marketing was providing the best response, the best return on investment, the lowest investment of time and had the greatest potential for future growth of any other marketing strategy. Many of our clients worked with website and SEO companies and while some were very happy with the companies they worked with there was an overwhelming sense of frustration with the market. Time and again we heard comments like:

  • ‘They just talk in jargon, I don’t understand what they’re saying half the time’
  • ‘I just don’t think they understand my business’
  • ‘I don’t understand why I get no enquiries from my website’
  • ‘I can never get hold of them. I ring and leave messages and no-one ever gets back to me.’
  • ‘My website looks great but it’s nowhere to be found on Google’

JDR Websites was formed with the intention of helping small businesses develop a truly effective internet presence. Since its inception in 2007 JDR have now worked with over 800 businesses, have grown the team to over 20 employees and become one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. JDR has invested in personnel and in technology and now offers:

  • High quality bespoke web design
  • High level internet marketing programmes incorporating SEO, Adwords, Blogging and article marketing
  • Email marketing
  • JDR Enterprise – one of the most advanced and most flexible CMS systems available, totally customisable to your needs and is fully E-commerce enabled.
  • Copywriting

We have now added social media marketing and mobile marketing to our services.

Our aim – not just ‘web design’ not just ‘getting your website top of Google’, but a comprehensive internet marketing program that actually delivers:

  • Enquiries
  • Sales
  • New Customers
  • Higher business revenues and profits
  • More income for you

 So call us on 01332 343281, email an enquiry, or submit a brief and we will respond quickly and help you find the right first step to your online marketing success.

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