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Content Management (CMS) -Derby

Change pictures, update news and prices, create new articles and blogs for yourself, easily, with full training

The most successful websites are the ones that get updated and changed on a regular basis, yet many small businesses allow their websites to go out of date.

Being able to make quick and easy changes to your website yourself means:

  • You are not waiting weeks for a response to emails to your web designers
  • It keeps your site high in Google and the other search engines
  • You can publish time sensitive information - special offers, latest products, news, job vacancies, articles and much more
  • Your website never goes out of date or needs replacing
  • You are completely in control of your business marketing

JDR Enterprise allows you to manage the content of your site quickly and easily.

If you are not 'an IT person', the benefits are:

  • It's really, really easy! You can edit pages of your site as easily as editing a Microsoft Word document - in other words, if you can type you can do it!
  • You can change the font size, format, use bold and italics
  • You can embed pictures and links to other websites at the touch of a button
  • You will get full training
  • We provide ongoing support - if stuck you can simply phone us!

If you have used CMS before or have some technical or graphic design skills in-house, the benefits are:

  • It's online, so you can access it anywhere
  • It's easy so web changes can be delegated to lower skill employees
  • You can create new pages
  • You can embed video, flash and image files
  • You can edit the CSS and HTML code
  • You can access lots of great features - gallery formats, news feeds, forums, blog, email capture forms, email newsletters, events calendars and many more!
  • You can access the graphics for the entire site - so without any coding knowledge you can update the banners, logos and navigation for the site
  • You will never need to buy another website again; you can simply keep updating the graphics of your JDR Enterprise website.

If you sell online there are a huge range of features (click here for full list). There is one major benefit:

  • As a business owner you have a choice between an 'out of the box' e-commerce template website (which are cheap but are often ineffective) or a 'built from scratch', custom-made website built from the ground up (which look great but can be over and above the budgets for most small and medium sized businesses).

JDR Enterprise is the 'happy medium' between these two extremes - you get a professionally designed website with all the features and functionality of a custom made website. You can edit it easily yourself and any unique or special requirements can be built into our software from our in-house developers.

To find out more about selling successfully online click here or call us on 01332 343281.

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