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E-mail marketing - Derby

Email marketing is a direct and cost effective way to:

  • keep in touch with an existing customer base to keep customers up to date with new offers and news
  • help convert potential customers
  • generate new enquiries from emailing to a purchased database list

The JDR email marketing:

  • Email HTML design - This will include relevant logos and branding, and any product images you want to use
  • Integration of your email database
  • Advice on how to set the emails up to get maximum results - On how to structure the design for maximum impact, how to write good subjects and headlines to ensure you get great results and avoid spam filters
  • Schedule ongoing emails - We can set up automated emails to be sent out in advance at specific dates
  • Segment and split test your database - We can help you split test subjects, headlines and offers to test what works best.
  • Marketing support - We will review your results with you and provide ongoing support and advice to help you get the best results
  • Copywriting - You can send us your copy, and we will make recommendations about how it can be improved, or we can write the whole campaign.
  • Send numerous Emails per month - We can schedule and send any number of emails per month for you – you can either provide us with the copy or have our copywriters write each one for you.
  • Full campaign reports – after each email - You will receive a full report after each email detailing the following:
    • Track open rate (for HTML emails)
    • Track click through rate (for HTML and text emails)
    • Track the date/time when a customer opened the email and/or clicked the URL
    • Track unique information: IP address, email address
    • View the geographical localisation of unique opens
    • Get real time reports about your e-mail campaign performance

How can JDR Help?

Contact us on 01332 343281 or via our contact page.

E-mail Marketing

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