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How to get Google reviews for your local SEO

The internet has made it easier and easier for consumers to get information about products and services – not just from the companies that supply those products and services, but from people that have actually purchased them.
Reviews are a growing and important part of our digital lives, and as a business owner it is important to be aware of this fact, and be proactive about it now.

There may already be reviews about your business on the web – if not then there will be soon. And will it be the happy customers or the unhappy ones that are more likely to leave bad reviews about you?

Here are 4 important reasons to start being proactive about getting reviews from your happy customers:

  1. Credibility - Your customers will believe what others say about you more than they will believe what YOU will say about you
  2. Rankings – Local searches ‘e.g. Web design in Derby’ bring up ‘Google Places’ results, which are partly determined by the number of reviews you have
  3. More visitors – Potential customers are more likely to click on your website from a Google search if they see several people have reviewed your business
  4. Prevents/limits damage from bad reviews – no business can delight every customer, every time, and no business can eliminate the possibility of competitors leaving bad reviews. If someone looks you up and you have 3 terrible reviews they are very unlikely to do business with you. If there are 3 terrible ones and 30 fantastic ones, then they will.

JDR Google Reviews

So how do you go about getting these reviews? Here are 4 simple ways:

  1. Ask them – just ask your customers if they’d be happy to leave a review
  2. Make it easy – provide them with a link, even give them instructions about how to do it
  3. Provide an incentive – entry into a prize draw, a free gift, make it reciprocal (if it’s business to business you can review their business if they’ll review yours)
  4. Follow up – ask people more than once, perhaps at the point of sale and then also in a follow up email

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