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How to get to Page 1 of Google

Most business owners get contacted regularly by companies offering to 'get you to the first page of Google'. But surely they can't all be right can they? Not everyone can be on page one can they? The answer is 'no', not everyone can – but you can, and if you can be on the first page for the keywords which will bring you most business then you can expect your phone to be ringing and email enquiries to be flooding in. How do you do it?

There are three ways:
Pay for a listing on a directory website that is there already (For example Yell, Applegate or Kellys)

  • Pros: some customers will go straight to these directories to search for you without even going to Google.
  • Cons: Most won't, they will go straight to Google – and if they do click onto the directory they will see you but in a long list of your competitors

'Pay per click' Advertising
In any Google search you will see 1-3 ads at the top of the page and up to 10 ads on the right hand side – these businesses are doing 'Pay per click' advertising (they pay Google every time a customer clicks onto their website). You can do this directly with Google, or you can pay a company to manage this advertising for you. Many of the companies that contact you promising page 1 listings will charge you a certain amount per month, spend some of it on Pay per click advertising for you and then keep the rest as their management fee.

  • Pros: It is an instant, flexible and measurable form of advertising
  • Cons: Most searchers ignore the ads and click on the 'natural' results

'SEO' (Search Engine Optimisation)
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process designed to ensure your website is top of the natural search results. It involves firstly and in-depth knowledge of Googles algorithm (the computer program that determines which website is first, second, third etc for any search querie), and secondly the skill of being able to make changes to your website so that Googles algorithm sees your website as the best result for your keywords.

  • Pros: It is the most effective way of attracting business, it is long lasting, ultimately your customers like and trust the websites in the natural results so you get more, and better enquiries
  • Cons: It doesn't happen overnight, it can take 2-3 months to see results. As with any professional service, some do it better than others – you need to find a company you can trust that have the expertise and man-power to optimise your site and build quality back-links to you.

To find out more about JDR's SEO and internet marketing services go to the search engine marketing page or contact us in our Derby office on 01332 343281 or via our contact page.

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