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How to keep your website fresh and up to date

When we introduced JDR Enterprise (the content management system which allows you to edit your website) we knew it was important that business owners could easily update the content of their websites.

One of the most common things I hear from business owners when I talk about content management (the ability to update your own website) is ‘but our business never changes!’

While it may be true that your core products or services have changed little over time, your business does change. The world is now changing faster than it ever has done before - and your business is no different. Your industry is changing, you are doing new projects, working with new customers, there are new regulations, new opportunities, you have new members of staff, new procedures, new products, and your competitors are changing.

So why bother updating your website? For two reasons; firstly because a website that is regularly changing is one that will perform much better in the search engines. Google will rank a website that is changing regularly higher than one that has stayed exactly the same for a year.

Secondly it gives your customers a reason to come back to your website – and the more they come back to your website, the more they buy in to your company message/identity, the more contact they have with the full range of your products and services and the more likely they are to buy again from you and refer you to their friends.

So here are two things you can do today to stop your website underperforming and get your site up to date so that your phone starts ringing with new enquiries:

  1. Review the entire content of your website – go through each and every page to check everything is current. Ask yourself the following questions:
    a. What content needs to be changed?
    b. What needs to be taken out?
    c. What needs to be added?
  2. Ensure you update the website at least once a month (but ideally once a week) – whether it is you, someone in your team or even someone in your family or friends. If you have no content that requires regular changes, then what can you add to your website that will mean regular updates? Here are some ideas:
    a. Recent case studies
    b. Add a ‘news’ page
    c. Add a ‘guest book’ page (for your customers to leave testimonials)
    d. Add a forum section – for clients to ask questions that can be answered
    e. Special offers
    f. Staff vacancies
    g. New products/services
    h. Add a section for articles – write a new article about your industry or business once a month
    i. FAQs
    j. Newsletter
    k. Testimonials

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