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Link Building Services in Derby

Link building is a critical part of search engine optimisation. Basic ‘SEO’ services are common – most web design companies (but by no means ALL) offer a basic level of search engine optimisation and will talk to their clients about the importance of being on the first page of Google. Yet basic SEO is not enough without link building.

What’s the difference?
Search engine optimisation is the process of setting up your web pages to make them appear highly relevant to Google for certain keywords. This can involve meta tags, title tags, alt tags and header tags. It should also include page URLs, the internal link structure and anchor text, and most important of all - fresh, keyword-rich content.

If your keyword is ‘Link building Derby’, and those words feature in all of these places (titles, metas, headers etc), and there is lots of good, relevant content on the page then there is a good chance that page will be high in the Google results for that search.

However these ‘on-page’ factors only account for a small percentage of how Google ranks websites. ‘Off page’ factors account for more than 60% of the search result. And the key ‘off page’ factor is the quantity and quality of links to your site.

Think of each link to your site as a ‘vote’ from another website. So the more votes you have the better, right? Not quite. Some links and some sites have more ‘authority’ than others, so you need lots of high quality votes.

Link building is time consuming and involves skill, knowledge and patience. A good link building campaign should include only good quality and/or relevant links from directories, blogs, article sites, social media sites and video websites to name but a few.

Why is link building important?
Links are the rocket fuel behind your search engine marketing. They are the difference between struggling on page 3 and leaving your competitors for dust on page 1.

So if your SEO is faltering and you are looking for a link building and SEO company in Derby, you can get in touch via our contact page or on 01332 343281 and request a FREE SEO review of your website.

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