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Microsites - Mini websites, Derby, UK

    What is a microsite?

    When a company offers a large variety of products or services, sometimes their message can be diluted by having their brand spread out over a large number of pages on their website. Segmenting the site to focus on a single market or product can offer many benefits, and this can be done through the use of microsites. Microsites are small offshoots of a main website which can focus more closely on a single product or service that the company offers. This means that the site can be optimised better to provide information that customers are actually searching for.

    Why do they work?

    More concentrated subject material is great for SEO purposes, allowing for more keywords to be included organically in the content of the site. This increases the relevancy of the site and results in higher ranks in search engines, making it easier to find when people search for that product.

    Instead of showing that they know a little about many things, a company may want to present themselves as an authority on certain subjects or products, and this cannot always be portrayed clearly on just one or two pages on their main website.

    When the subject matter of the site is more targeted there is more opportunity to produce relevant content for the site, such as providing articles or blog entries relating to the product, which could seem out of place on a company’s main website. This is a great way to develop the brand and helps them become seen as an authority in their business sector. The more relevant the site’s content is, the more its conversion rate will increase. The site will gain credibility and the brand will be seen as an expert that people feel confident about buying from.

    What businesses will benefit?

    Microsites can also be useful for any businesses that wish to appeal to different target markets (which is almost ALL businesses).

    3 separate microsites designed to attract men, women and children will be more inviting for each of those markets, rather than one website trying to appeal to all three. This can also be valuable when trying to appeal to international markets. Creating a microsite can be useful to portray the most important and useful information from a company’s main website using different spellings or currency, or even in a different language, can present a more professional image for that brand in other countries.

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