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Mobile Marketing: 3 Ways to attract customers from their mobile devices

Smartphones and tablets are a huge part of modern life as technology has made it easier than ever to go online wherever you are. As a business owner, more and more of your customers and potential customers are using mobile devices, so how can you reach them with this new technology?

Here are three ways:

  1. Mobile websiteCreate a Mobile Website

    A growing proportion of the UK population go online via iphones, android phones, ipads and other tablets EVERY day, and it is predicted that mobile web will overtake the desktop within 2-3 years. Creating a mobile-friendly version of your website will make it easier for mobile users to navigate and use your website. If you have an E-commerce site this is especially important - New Look recently reported a growth in sales of 60% from their mobile website. Call us on 01332 343 281 or enquire on our contact page to ask about creating your mobile website.
  2. SMS Marketing

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    People carry their mobile phones with them all the time and research has shown that 97% of text messages are read within minutes of receiving them. Mobile marketing makes it possible for a company to send a message, consisting of text, video, audio or other media straight to their customers. It is one of the most direct forms of marketing, and that immediately can be very valuable to businesses. Other types of marketing depend on the customer being in a certain location, either physical or online, or a positive action by the customer, for example choosing to open an e-mail. Mobile marketing is immediate and goes directly to people's phones, making it a very effective way of getting a message to your customers quickly, and ensuring that they read it.

    Mobile marketing works on an opt-in basis, meaning that customers offer their phone number only if they are interested in hearing more from your company. The fact that they have agreed to receive your messages means that they are going to be even more effective, and less likely to just be ignored.

    The fact that this method of marketing is instantaneous means that you can change and adapt your marketing plan quickly and easily. If business is slow one day, you could send out details of an exclusive discount, details of a special offer, or even the specials on a restaurant's menu at a certain time of the day to put you in your customer's mind when they are thinking about their dinner plans.
  3. Use ‘QR' Codes in your marketing

    QRC - JDR WebsitesOne of the latest developments in mobile marketing is the QR code. QR codes are black and white square graphics that can appear on posters, in magazines, product packaging, brochures or other marketing materials. These graphics can be scanned by a QR reader application for a smartphone, and these codes can then link to a web page, text, phone number or other piece of content. QR codes can be utilised for a number of different marketing techniques, by sharing videos or content, building a community for your brand through linking to their social media site, or acting as a call to action by linking to landing pages for special offers or a mailing list.

    Mobile technology is constantly developing and advancing, and users are more impatient than ever when looking for information. The easier you can make it to find and interact with your brand, the more customers will want to use your services, and this means embracing mobile marketing as a valuable promotion technique.

mobile devices, so how can you reach them with this new technology?

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