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How to generate more new enquiries from your website

New enquiries mean new customers, new cash flow and more profit - but most websites fail to deliver. Is yours?

Over 98% of small business websites DON'T work - here's why. Here are 6 questions to ask yourself, and your opportunity to get a FREE critique of your site, and learn how to turn your website into a profit centre for your business.

  1. What first impression are you making?

    When you search for a product or service in Google how long do you stay on any website you click on? When you meet someone you have 7 seconds to make a first impression, well your website has even less time than that! The design, layout, headline, images and copy all affect whether people stay on your website or leave because guess what? The next website is only a click away…

  2. Why should anyone choose your business?

    Unless you have a totally unique product or service, your customers have a choice - they can buy from you, they can buy from a competitor, or they cannot buy at all. If your website does not answer the questions 'why should I buy?' 'why should I buy from you? (not someone else)' and 'why should I buy now?' then you will lose customers to competitors and to apathy and procrastination. This is costing you money!

  3. Why should anyone believe you?

    Anyone can write about what a great company they are, it's another thing to actually prove it - there are many ways of doing this and the more evidence you give your potential customers the more enquiries you will get.

  4. How do I get in touch?

    Many websites give lots of information without actually asking for the enquiry! Are your contact details clear and easy to find? Do you have to look for them or are they 'in your face'? Are they available on every page? Are you using calls to action?

  5. How would a potential customer find you?

    What do your customers type in to Google when they are looking for your products or services? Is your website first on the list? Is it on the first page? Anything below position one and you are missing out on business; anything below page one and you are missing out on virtually ALL of the business available.

  6. How often do you update your website?

    How up to date are your pictures? Testimonials? News pages? When did you last update the design of the website? Fashions change in design, and web technology is moving and changing all the time and websites that are regularly updated are more impressive and do better in the search engines - out of date websites make your company seem behind the times, inattentive to detail and even unprofessional.



Free critique of your site. Find out why your website doesn't work


Here's what you'll get in the critique:

We will analyse and make recommendations on:

- Your SEO (search engine optimisation)

- Your website design and copy

- Your website layout, calls to action and USP's

Complete the form below (you can keep it quick and easy, or give us more information for a more detailed response) and within 24 hours we will email you a PDF version of your report. The report will highlight where your site is going wrong and give you simple and easy-to-implement solutions so that you can 'turn the tap' on and start your phone ringing off the hook with new customers wanting to work with you!

That's worth 30 seconds of your time, surely?

How can JDR help?

New customers are the lifeblood of any business, they inject not only cash into a business, they give something much more important: confidence. Businesses that have a steady flow of new customers are always optimistic and happy places to be - if you are starving your business of new customers then you also starve the business of confidence.

Before specialising in Internet marketing, we were coaching and consulting small and medium sized businesses like yours in their marketing - helping business owners achieve massive returns from their Yellow Pages adverts, direct mail, local newspaper ads, trade magazine ads, radio ads and much more. By applying proven marketing principles we would see increases of 100, 200, even 500% in response.

Since 2007 we have been applying these same principles into websites - we have now helped over 700 business owners like yourself to achieve more enquiries, which can be converted into the new customers which can make a massive difference to your business. We have a simple 7 step process to helping you achieve results:

  1. Complete the FREE website critique - we will send you an analysis of your site, and highlight areas of opportunity so you can see where your website is going wrong.

  2. Meet with you, either face to face or online via webinar to analyse your business needs and plan how to profitably market your company online - this is also at no cost, and if you then choose to work with us:

  3. Our design team will create a look and layout that immediately grabs the attention of your customers and that clearly communicates what you can offer and how it will benefit them

  4. Our copywriting team will write compelling, customer focused wording for each page of your website to ensure you keep the attention and use calls to action to convert that attention into enquiries

  5. Our search engine marketing team will promote the site in Google and the other search engines to position you ahead of your competitors in front of a stream of targeted 'ready to spend' customers

  6. We will give you training to show you how you can easily update and change the content of your new site

  7. We review the performance and statistics of the website with you every 3 months to constantly improve and maximise your result



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