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6 questions you'll probably want to ask about getting a new website designed

  1. How much will it cost?

    When you are getting your first website designed it is tempting to take the cheapest option available, after all you have no idea how well the website will work for your business at first. Every website is different and we have helped businesses with large budgets who want to get maximum value for money and we have helped small start-up businesses who just want a basic website to get started. Getting the right website at the outset will not only save you money later, it will ensure your business hits the ground running and gives you the professional image, credibility and the influx of new customers that will breathe life into your business and let you grow your cash flow.
  2. What will you need from me?

    Sometimes people will already have a company logo, a good idea of the type of website they want, they have all the text written already, the domain name purchased and all the relevant photos and images taken. This is fantastic but it is rare! You may feel you don't have enough of this information ready yet, but many of the websites we create have little or nothing when they get started. We know how time consuming running a business can be so we have designed our approach to help business owners with great demands on their time. We can provide great advice on the type of design you need and come up with ideas to help you market your products or services (as well as the websites we have created, as business coaches we have also spent years and years critiquing Yellow Pages adverts, direct mail letters, radio ads, magazine ads etc).

    We can also:
    • Purchase the domain name for you (the www.yourcompany.com address)
    • Write the copy
    • Organise photography and source stock images
    • Design a logo for you (see examples)
    • Design business cards and other business stationery

  3. Will I be able to change it afterwards?

    Websites go out of date quickly so to keep your business ahead of the pack we have a unique 'content management system' called JDR Enterprise which enables you to easily edit and change the website once it's finished. If you have little or no IT experience - don't worry, it is as easy to use as editing a document in Microsoft Word - plus we provide full training and full telephone and email support. For more advanced users and companies with graphic design skills in-house you will love the flexibility and freedom the software gives you and the range of great features you can use to make your website really stand out.
  4. Will I be on the first page of Google?

    As you read this page now, there are people searching for your products and services in Google. Billions of searches are made every day - Google accounts for over 70% of the UKs Internet searches and only 5% of searches go beyond the first page of the search results. New customers are the lifeblood of any business, they are what inject not only cash but also confidence and optimism into a business and there is currently no better way of reaching your target market than by being there when they look for you. Many website companies talk about this but few have an in-house team of search engine optimisation specialists that keep on the cutting edge of what is a fast moving field and spend all day, every day helping businesses like yours achieve the Google position that will give you the credibility and the traffic to generate the new enquiries that can transform your business overnight.
  5. There are lots of website companies - why should I pick you?

    People choose their website companies for many reasons like price, convenience and personal relationships. When we have asked our clients why they chose us here are the main reasons they have given:

    • We can provide everything you need - in house

      If you want to successfully promote your business online we can help you with everything you need - from search engine marketing, E-commerce, copywriting, e-mail marketing, social media, branding, letterheads and business stationery. Everything we do is in-house which means it is more cost effective and we have control over quality and timescales
    • We are not 'techies'

      There is nothing worse than dealing with lots of IT jargon and technical detail - our team are friendly, personable and professional. The number one compliment we receive from our clients is about our standard of service, that there is always someone there at the end of the phone and that problems always get solved.
    • We do what we say we will do

      We believe in honesty, integrity and in keeping our promises. We work hard every day to answer all emails quickly, respond to all phone calls, and develop internal systems that ensure our service is delivered efficiently and reliably.
    • We know how to get your website to convert into new customers

      Just having a website on the first page of Google does not necessarily mean people will be beating a path to your door waving their wallets! The design, layout and content of your website also have to convince them that you are the right company to deal with and to get in touch with you NOW. Before specializing in Internet marketing, we have coached hundreds of businesses in their offline marketing - we have helped companies change their yellow Pages ads, their direct mail letters, their press releases, their radio ads - and helped them achieve massive increases in response. Why? Because as well as understanding website code and search engine algorithms - we understand marketing.

  6. Where do I start?

    Ask most business owners and they will say having a great website is a very important part of being in business today - yet so many don't because they just never take the first step. So what is the first step?
    First, we need to know about your business and what you want to achieve online - you can start by submitting a brief, by speaking to us on the phone on 01332 343281 or we can organise to meet with you either in person or online via a webinar. We can then guide you through the process - we have an extremely successful design process which has helped over 700 happy business owners tap into the vast potential of the Internet and will help your business get the kick-start it needs.

    Right now, people are searching for your products and services. Right now, people will be looking at your competitor's websites and making contact, and right now people are spending money that could be spent with you - so now is the time to act!

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