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Outsourcing social media marketing


Outsourcing social media marketing

 Effective social media marketing benefits your business in a number of ways:

  • It boosts your search engine rankings
  • It helps you build relationships with existing customers
  • It establishes your credibility and expertise in your industry
  • It helps you make contact with potential customers who would not otherwise have discovered you
  • It gives you a chance to listen to your market and listen to your customers
  • It allows you to build your brand
Remember, I said effective social media marketing. What is effective social media marketing? Well here’s what it definitely isn’t:
  • Setting up a Twitter profile, writing ‘this is my first tweet’… and then never tweeting again!
  • Giving control of your social media marketing to ‘the office junior’ simply because ‘they are young and into all that stuff’ (they may be familiar with social media but they don’t necessarily have the maturity, responsibility or knowledge to talk to your potential and existing customers)
  • Setting up one social media profile on one platform and ignoring all the others.
  • Being on Facebook 24/7 and using it for aimless socialising - for example discussing what you had for breakfast and the latest TV soap storylines rather than what is relevant to your target market and how you can add value to them or solve their problems.
  • Not having a strategy to convert your fans and followers into paying customers.

So it boils down to a few simple questions:

  • Are you going to ‘do’ social media?
  • If so, are you going to do it properly?
  • If so, do you have the time to do it yourself?
  • Or would it be more effective to outsource it to a dedicated team of experts who will work with you to deliver a campaign that attracts fans and followers and converts them into paying customers while building your online reputation.

The choice is yours…

Article by Will Williamson

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