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What makes JDR different to any other SEO company?

Companies and individuals that offer search engine optimisation, or ‘SEO’ are no longer a rarity – most small and medium-sized businesses receive regular calls from companies offering to ‘get them to the first page of Google’. Yet in a competitive market more and more businesses have been turning to JDR, so what is that makes us any different from your average SEO company? Here are 4 key points of difference:

  1. Keyword research and competitor analysis – many businesses enjoy number one positions for certain keywords but get zero business from them. Why? Because their target market do not search for these phrases, or if they do, they are looking for something different. Our SEO campaigns begin with extensive keyword research and competitor analysis so that we can achieve great search rankings that lead to enquiries and sales within a short time.
  2. Staying ahead in a fast-moving world – how has your SEO company changed strategy since Google’s Panda and Penguin updates? How are they preparing for semantic search? What is their social strategy? What is their content strategy? How are they using microformats and rich snippets? Google launches regular updates and is changing faster than ever before – this brings with it opportunities and dangers – opportunity if your SEO company is ahead of the game. If not, you risk falling off the proverbial cliff of search engine rankings.
  3. Education to build a partnership – A great partnership with an SEO agency should feel like they are a natural extension of your business. Apart from regular communication, reporting and analysis we hold regular workshops for our clients. These workshops are an opportunity for you to get more insight to our service and, more importantly, to learn what you can do to help the campaign and additional internet marketing skills and strategies that you will use long into the future.
  4. Results – The bottom line is we have an extraordinary record of outstanding results with our clients. Arrange a quick, 20 minute online demonstration and our team will show you example after example. As well as this we will perform some initial SEO analysis on your website and your competitors at no cost, so you can see exactly how we can help – to arrange this free service, click here

Selecting the right SEO company for you can be a difficult decision but with JDR you will be choosing a safe pair of hands and an agency that goes the extra mile to help you see the difference where it counts - in your bank balance.

To find out more about our SEO, link building and SEO services, contact us on 01332 343281 or use the contact form on our contact page

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