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Why choose JDR for your web design or SEO?

Here's 9 reasons why JDR are the right choice for your business:

1) We understand your business
2) You are in control
3) We take care... of everything!
4) We understand you don't have a lot of time!
5) We understand what it takes for a website to achieve results
6) We want to develop a partnership with you
7) Online marketing doesn’t stop at the website
8) We can help in other areas of your business
9) And finally…. You’ll enjoy working with us!

1.      We understand your business

Most web design, SEO and internet marketing companies come from an IT background; they have technical ability but are not necessarily marketing experts or experts in business. We have a background in business coaching; we have consulted with, coached and mentored hundreds of businesses like yours in a huge range of industries. This means we will understand your needs, talk to you in clear, everyday language (no jargon!), and know how to help you achieve your online goals.

2.      You are in control


Once complete you will be able to edit and change your website for yourself, giving you the freedom and flexibility to keep your website on the cutting edge of your industry.

3.      We take care… of everything!

The website, the marketing, high rankings in Google, social media, emails, hosting, email marketing, branding, copywriting and development – everything you need to succeed in online marketing in one place.

4.      We understand you don't have a lot of time!

Lots of small business owners work long hours, and often find it difficult to invest time in marketing – which is why so many businesses are failing to get the most from the internet. Our process is designed so that we take care of the entire process and minimise your investment of time.

5.      We understand what it takes for a website to achieve results

Fancy graphics and clever functionality do not mean enquiries, customers or cash in the bank. We can demonstrate to you why your website is not working and how to fix it, and can continue to monitor and improve the way your website converts website visitors into paying customers for your business.

6.      We want to develop a partnership with you

We believe in building business relationships and will be flexible to find the right solution for your business both in the short term and in the long term

7.      Online marketing doesn’t stop at the website

The internet is changing – FAST. In a competitive environment you cannot afford to stay still, there are so many new opportunities for effective online marketing appearing every month. We invest a significant amount in research and development to stay ahead and as a client we will be regularly bringing you new ideas and new techniques of attracting high spending customers online.

8.      We can help in other areas of your business

Most business owners work long hours, and few get the rewards their effort and risk deserve. Mostly this can be fixed by applying fundamental business principles which most business owners never learn, and never implement – which we can fix through our business coaching programs. We can help you work fewer hours, take control of your team, take control of your finances, find new and profitable ways of marketing, improve the results of your existing marketing, train your sales teams and make your business more profitable.

9.      And finally…. You’ll enjoy working with us!

One of the most common comments we get when we ask for feedback is how friendly and professional our team are. Our clients enjoy the fact there is always someone available at the end of the phone, that they can visit us in our office and meet us in person, that we stay in touch, and that we will respond quickly to questions with a smile on our face…

So call us on 01332 343281, email an enquiry, or submit a brief and we will respond quickly and help you find the right first step to your online marketing success.



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