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Why Use A Social Media Agency?

Social Media has become a significant part of modern society, becoming the number one activity on the internet, changing the way we communicate, even bringing down governments.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are now huge billion-dollar companies. And it doesn’t stop there - Foursquare, Pinterest and Google Plus are all growing fast too. Most business owners are unsure how to use these sites, so here are 6 essential activities for your social media marketing:

  1. Brand building, including company credibility and also personal branding
  2. Customer service
  3. Build relationships with potential customers in your target market
  4. Market research
  5. Watch your competitors
  6. Increase engagement and loyalty with your existing customers

All these sites are free to use, free to create business profiles – so why pay anyone else to manage your accounts for you? Here are 3 good reasons to invest in social media optimisation:

  1. Expertise – while your office intern may have some spare time and like to go on Facebook in their lunchbreak, that doesn’t mean they are the right people to represent your business online where your content can potentially be seen by millions of people.
  2. Leads – you can generate new enquiries and new customers through social media but it isn’t as simple as putting a few photos online and telling the world what you had for breakfast…
  3. Time – is your time really best spent trying to get new followers on Twitter or creating new connections on LinkedIn? Isn’t your time better spent growing your business?

Your social media expert can advise you of the best platform for your business and for your goals, identify the strategies required and then implement the time consuming management needed to make your campaigns really work for your business.

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